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The Ultimate Camping Table

I hated my folding camping table. It’s very portable, lightweight and cheap, but after only being used a few times, it’s ready for the scrap pile. And I know I’m not the only one who’s had this experience. At some point last year one of my friends invented the best camping table. He experimented with several prototype designs, and has been testing it for the last year. And so the best camping table on the market was born.

Best Camping Table

Base Table Assembled



Best Camping Table Construction

The basic table work surface is 36”x19” and has a height of 31”. It’s perfect for a dual burner stove with plenty of room left over for food preparation.

Standard Table Single Stove with Cutting Board

Standard Table Single Stove with Full Size Cutting Board

Each table is easily expanded with the addition of a pair of steel supports with legs and a 12″ aluminum panel that can be added to one or both sides of the main table. With the addition of both extension pieces, the table grows to a huge 60” width.

Assembled Table with Single Extension

Assembled Table with Single Extension

Assembled Table with Both Extensions

Assembled Table with Both Extensions

The legs are manufactured from square steel tube with steel rivets welded on one side as hinge points. All leg connection points are made from solid rolled steel stock. The top frame is solid flat steel stock.

Closeup Of Support Joint w/Locking Pin Hole

Closeup Of Support Joint w/Locking Pin Hole


All joints have locking pin holes and pins are provided with each table. The pins will keep the table together in the event of a campground bump from an adult, automobile, bulldozer, etc.

Silver Powder Coat Finish on All Steel Parts

Silver Powder Coat Finish on All Steel Parts




All steel parts are welded and powder coated bright silver for unequaled corrosion resistance. The bright silver finish is easy to see in the dark.


Table easily supports heavy loads. You can rebuild a transfer case on it.



The legs fold to 36″x3″x3″ and all parts store in 2 included bags made of durable canvas. The bags are large enough to add the parts from the 12” extensions.

The first video below is me setting up the table. The one below that is table breakdown. As you can see, it took me longer to tie the bag than to break down the table.


  • Base Table: 36”L x 19”W x 31”H.
  • Legs collapse to 36” x 3” x 3”;
  • top folds to 18.5” x 12” x ¾”
  • Base Table weight including top: 20 LBS.
  • 60″ Table weight including all tops: 30 LBS

Extensions: 12” aluminum top panel with all hardware included. Sold as a pair.

Warranty: Guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects. Each table is fully set up and inspected before shipping. If we don’t like it, the product doesn’t ship to you. If you receive your product and are not satisfied for any reason, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping costs. Products must be in new condition to qualify for refund.

Due to manufacturing constraints, tables are on a 2-4 week delivery schedule.

We also hate to wait for a product to ship, so we are offering FREE SHIPPING on the first 10 orders.

Purchase the Best Camping Table

Each tire for your vehicle costs $300 and is a wear item and must be periodically replaced. $300 in fuel will be gone in 4 or 5 tanks. This table will last a lifetime. Do the math.

Ultimate Camping Table Base Kit – $295 

Ultimate Camping Table Extension Kit – $169 

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4 thoughts on “Best Camping Table

  1. Keith denBesten

    Have you thought about making your table a bit higher? Maybe 3″ taller? Making cook hight more like kitchen counter top 36″ – 37″ with a partner stove.

    1. Jon Held

      We sold out of side extensions and only have 1 base table left. We will be having another run of 5 built for us in the near future.


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